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Existing programs for early-stage investment in students target a tiny subset of campuses–usually Ivies + Stanford, Duke, Michigan, etc. Investors continue to care less for founder pedigree, but student scout networks still only access campuses deemed elite, missing the majority of promising student founders.

Students at campuses in the midwest and south are substantially disadvantaged in access to careers in venture, as well as access to fellowships, student-managed funds, and scout networks, propagating historical biases towards prototypical venture archetypes.



Finally, campus entrepreneurship is a chicken and egg problem. Campuses not deemed "startup campuses" lack the resources (venture investment, campus recruiting, alumni networks) required to become part of the in-group. This leaves talented students and founders disadvantaged relative their peers, not based their merit but rather arbitrary campus designations.

How big is the problem?

Of the 10.3MM full-time four year undergraduates in the United States,

According to PitchBook data tracking capital raised by student founders between 1/1/2006 and 8/31/2020


Our UndercoverVC Fellowship includes students representing 25 campuses, most of which are accessed by no other student-focused fund or scout network. We've selected only the most entrepreneurial and startup-minded students, with a demonstrated ability to hustle.